:: On Line Available Tools

All Microarray Clusterings @ once
a tool for clustering and visualizing microarray gene expression data, providing a wide range of algorithms and configurations.

Core & Peel
a tool for extracting dense complexes from PPI networks

a tool for locating tandem repeats in genomic sequences

Protein Tandem Repeats Discovery and Visualization
a new algorithm for ab-initio detection of fuzzy tandem repeats in protein amino acid sequences.

Database of Protein Tandem Repeats
a database containing all the fuzzy tandem repeats found in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot using PTRStalker.
Reconstruct Haplotypes
is a web application aiming to provide users with a common interface to five algorithms for the parental haplotype reconstruction problem (also known as Haplotyping Assembly Problem).

Tandem Repeats Discovery Service
a tandem repeats meta search engine, which simultaneously queries multiple on line publicly available tools for finding exact and approximate tandem repeats.

Census of Polymorphic Tandem Repeats
An annotated catalogue of human polymorphic tandem repeats found in genic regions of five assembled genomes w.r.t the GRCh38 Human Genome Assembly.

a comprehensive manually curated classification of different extracellular circulating non-coding RNA types.

a tool to detect Copy Number Variants (CNV) with a genome-wide resolution, using just whole exome sequencing.

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