:: On Line Available Tools

All Microarray Clusterings @ once
a tool for clustering and visualizing microarray gene expression data, providing a wide range of algorithms and configurations.

Core & Peel
a tool for extracting dense complexes from PPI networks

a tool for locating tandem repeats in genomic sequences

Protein Tandem Repeats Discovery and Visualization
a new algorithm for ab-initio detection of fuzzy tandem repeats in protein amino acid sequences.

Database of Protein Tandem Repeats
a database containing all the fuzzy tandem repeats found in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot using PTRStalker.
Reconstruct Haplotypes
is a web application aiming to provide users with a common interface to five algorithms for the parental haplotype reconstruction problem (also known as Haplotyping Assembly Problem).

Tandem Repeats Discovery Service
a tandem repeats meta search engine, which simultaneously queries multiple on line publicly available tools for finding exact and approximate tandem repeats.

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